How To Calculate ROI For Animated Videos

Animated videos offer a highly effective way in which to convey what your solution or product does along with reaching an audience with highly engaging and accessible content. Yet, it doesn’t really matter how creative or engaging the video may be, your bottom line needs to be focused on converting a prospective audience into sales and leads.  To ensure a professional outcome, using a video production company in Nottingham can ensure that you will get a ROI.

In most cases, animated videos will be at the top part of your sales funnel or marketing. It is usually the content type that your business is able to share on different social media platforms or use as a basis for pay-per-click campaigns. Superior animated videos have the potential to accelerate sales cycles from prospects to leads onto sales.

What Metrics Should You Use?

In order to measure the ROI for your animated videos, it becomes important to know where these videos are positioned in the marketing funnels. Metrics required for measuring ROI includes the view numbers, click through rates and durations of these views. The click-through-rate is measured by the number of times the viewer clicked on the CTA as well as visited your landing page. It is these measurements that can give you the information needed about how engaging this content is. However, they are also dependent on making sure other things are also in place. These include:

1. SEO

When your animated videos are uploaded to YouTube or other video platforms, it has to be optimised correctly for the search engines. Google always ranks videos higher when compared to other content forms, but only when it has been optimised with relevant keywords in association with the video content.

2. Social Media

YouTube might help your prospects to organically locate your video-content, yet it is still recommended to make use of other channels in order to promote it actively to an audience that is engaged already with the brand, along with their associates and contacts. Make use of social media channels that you prefer to build up momentum around your animation and think about social-media advertising so that your content is exposed to highly targeted markets.

3. Landing Page

Ultimately you should have a goal of wanting your prospects to watch the video, followed by taking the step to click on the link which will divert them to a relevant landing page. In general, your home-page on your site is not the preferred place in order to direct your prospects, especially when the site offers various solutions or different types of target audiences. Rather make sure the landing pages are aligned and relevant with the content of the video. For example, utilize the same graphics and colours to ensure prospects will know they have reached the correct place.

How Will You Know If Your Animated Videos Are Having A Positive Impact On Your Sales?

In certain cases, you will know immediately, due to an uplift in your sales which are not attributed to any of the other marketing or advertising activities.

Many companies are often engaged in many marketing activities, which is why it is important to find out whether your animation is, in fact, contributing to your sales figures. Factors that include directing the viewers to a specific landing-page from these videos can assist you in seeing whether the visits come from these specific activities. You are also able to use tracking-pixels that can assist in measuring your results.

Working Out Your ROI

Finally, you should be calculating your ROI. When you work out ROI for your animated videos, it requires totaling up all your costs and gains of this content followed by crunching this equation.

To calculate your gains, it will depend on the attribution model. For example. When the videos objective is to generate leads or raise awareness. The calculation needs to be based on what these factors are worth to the company.

You also need to gain an understanding about the investment costs. This is more than just the amount the video-production company charged you for. It could also include PPC campaigns, paid-distribution costs, the time spent by a social-media agency to promote your content and your internal resources.

In conclusion, obtaining ROI that is positive for animated videos also includes creating videos which engage target audiences as well as get your prospects to take the next step. In addition, you need to offer these videos with support by making sure they are watched by targeted audiences, making sure you find the correct channels where you can share these on, along with taking an approach that is proactive to recoup the investment along with maximizing your ROI.

Top 8 Get Well Gifts – Guide To Get Well Gifts


Are you searching for a gift for a loved one who needs some TLC for all different types of reasons – a difficult pregnancy, a broken leg, the flu, having a difficult time at the moment – along with those who are undergoing cancer treatment currently?

Here are our Top 8 Ideas For Get Well Gifts

1. Cosy Bed Socks

One very nice get well present are Cosy Mohair Bed Socks. Displayed inside of a gift box and tied up in a ribbon, they are available in a wide range of colours for her and him. For somebody feeling under the weather, these treats for feet will definitely be appreciated.

2. Chocolate Messages

Whenever the going gets really tough, it is very important to show people support who really need it. Our chocolate gift is a very thoughtful one that can provide someone with a boost and show them that you are thinking of them and that you care.

These Chocolate Messages are comprised of individual squares of tasty Belgian milk chocolate and may be as silly or sentimental as you want them to be.

3. Nightwear

Having a pretty dressing gown or new pair of PJs is a very nice treat when you are recuperating at home or staying at the hospital – and it makes the perfect addition for a get well hamper.

One thing that is ideal for women and men who might struggle with their mobility are button front pyjamas, while light cotton kimonos can keep you cool during the summer and make a nice extra layer for wearing during the colder months of the year.

4. Pampering Gift Sets

Whenever you are feeling down or poorly, it is easy to forget to look after yourself – which is when you need the absolute most. Give a nice Pampering Gift Set to encourage your loved one to pamper themselves.

Loaded with beautiful scented candles, natural toiletries and other types of safe essentials, each of these pamper packages really shows you thought about what the patient really needs.

5. Puzzle Books and Puzzles

For people who are sick, quite often the time spent having to recuperate is often boring and long. Gifts help keep sick patients entertained and are a very thoughtful gift for people of all ages. Jigsaw puzzle are sure to bring plenty of smiles, and little Puzzle Books are ideal for putting in a bag for a stay at the hospital or to use at home.

6. Mindfulness Gifts

It has been shown that mindfulness helps with numerous conditions like stress, depression, anxiety, and some physical conditions like chronic pain. It also can help with other situations like coping with stressful events such as insomnia, bereavement, and serious illness.

It can be very difficult to let somebody you love know you are thinking of them whenever they are going through anxious and stressful times since it can be hard to understanding things you cannot see.

Some nice Mindfulness Gifts include journals for noting thoughts and worries, relaxing and calming candles, and useful books.

7. Personalised Mug Gift Sets

Believing that everything can be made better by a cup of tea is the British way. And although it might not cure every ailment, we definitely are fond of our tea!

When you order Personalised Mugs the recipients name can be included along with a funny, meaningful or heartfelt message to create a thoughtful and unique gift that they will be able to treasure forever.

8. Unique Get Well Cards

Although there are lots of generic Get Well cards that are available in stores, not all situations will suit them and it may be hard to find an appropriate one. If you search online you will find a much better selection of cards to be honest or find the right words.

Four Benefits to Having a Good Digital Marketing Career


The hype surrounding digital marketing skills is strong. The skills are in huge demand, and the skill gap in that industry is growing massively. The market for jobs is booming, and brands care a lot about having a strong online presence. They’re willing to pay more to reach the right people, and professionals who are good at their jobs will make good money. If you’re considering a career change, then digital marketing could be a good option for you. There are a lot of benefits to having a career in digital marketing – let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to make it your next career switch.

1. Your Skills Will Be In Demand

Experts predict that there will be 150,000 digital jobs by 2020, and there just are not enough people to fill those jobs. If you start studying digital marketing skills today you will be in a position to make it your next career. You’ll have a huge competitive advantage at a time when demand is exceeding supply. Mondo says that demand for digital marketing professionals will increase by 38 percent in the next year alone. Now is a very good time to start training to take advantage of those opportunities.

2. A Huge Range of Career Options

If you live in a major city such as Dublin you’ll have the opportunity to work for some big brands such as LinkedIn, Google or even Twitter. There is a wealth of job opportunitis out there for you, and it’s rare that a week goes by without you having the chance to seek employment with an exciting new organisation. There are plenty of SMEs for you to choose from as well. Ryanair recently created 200 new digital job, with a number of them being in marketing Taoiseach Enda Kenny also announced that there would be 400 new digital jobs, including marketing roles. LinkedIn is planning to double its workforce, and Microsoft is hoping to hire 100 more digital graduates in the near future. With so many opportunities coming up, you can pick and choose the type of company that you want to work for.

3. Command Better Salaries

Digital marketing professionals are clearly in demand, and when demand exceeds supply prices rise. If you can prove that you have the know-how you can negotiate an impressive salary. One survey conducted by Prosperity found that salaries in digital marketing are rising faster now than they had over the last five years. The pace of growth is set to increase as well. The average salary of digital marketing professionals has increased significantly, with digital marketing managers in Dublin earning EUR68,000. Entry-level PPC managers have seen their salaries increase from EUR25,000 to EUR28,000 in the last year.

4. Start Your Own Career

Traditionally if you wanted to earn good money you would need to do an internship and claw your way up the in-house ladder. That is no longer the case. You can now enjoy a host of opportunities to kickstart your digital marketing career before you start work. you can do online exams to boost your CV, and you can build up a social media presence too. The opportunities for someone who is enthusiastic and self-motivated are endless, and you could earn some money from experimenting with digital marketing by yourself, before you even set up your in the office of one of the bigger brands. Who knows, you might even end up just growing your own digital marketing business without needing to go get a traditional job. Investing in a qualification such as Digital Careers – Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a good option if you want some guidance about how to build up your own career along the way.

Digital marketing is a field with a lot of potential, so why not give it a try?

Four Autumn Fashion Trends You Should Know About In 2019


The wind has gotten a bit chilly, the leaves have started to turn a stunning burnt orange, and Starbucks has now begun selling everything with pumpkin spice. So, it is safe to say that autumn is now official here! For most people, autumn is the best time of the year – a time for hot chocolates, a time they can wear comfy wool cardigans, a time for crackling fires and Halloween. But is also a time that signals a significant shift within the fashion industry as summer clothing lines start to disappear and warmer styles take over. You might be wondering what we should expect to see on rails and runways this autumn and what you should start ditching from last year’s autumn collections. Here is a look at four fashion trends that are set to rock the 2018 autumn fashion world.

Animal Print

Forget all preconception you’ve had about animal print and it being trashy because the trend is coming back again in 2019, and in a big way! Leopard and zebra seem to be the favourites this year considering that designers like Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Tom Ford, and Victoria Beckham have all included them in their lines. It looks like most designers are currently pairing these prints with simple back accents that make the prints pop. This seems like a popular option for those trying to rock animal print this year. Leopard shoes and coats are likely going to be the way the trend represents itself. However, you probably see some crocodile, cheetah, zebra and snake patterns on the high streets too. While neutral, more natural tones are usually more prominent, don’t be surprised to see some wackier wild colours this year. If you are worried about the impact too much fur print will have, do not. Even major luxury houses and the even more prominent names of the fashion industry are avoiding real fur looks and are going for faux furs to achieve that chic safari look.


2018’s biggest autumn trend, it seems, is all about embracing that inner Shrek. There is no need to worry; it is not all ogre-ish and green! Extreme layering is back and in a big way. Look at it this way, why go with one favourite coat when you could wear three, or four, or even six. While this may seem like it is gone a bit too far, remember there were a couple of adventurous combinations of puffa jackets, waterproofs, capes, and blanket throws gracing the runways last month. So, rather than just snuggling up in a single jumper this autumn, fashion trendsetters are confident that you will still achieve the same warm and comfy look with several layers. You can achieve this look by fastening your trench coat and scarf together, or you could match that shirtdress with a pair of jeans, a snug blazer, and a warm overcoat for that insanely elegant yet smart look. Well, the more layers you can get, the better!

The 1970’s Biscuit

70’s fashion never seems to quit, with trends from the decade reappearing ever so often throughout the years. This autumn, it is all about the sepia-toned retro feel of the 70’s. Like a biscuit dunked in a cup of steaming hot tea. From chocolate monogrammed accessories and clothes and Chloe’s ‘ode to Fendi’s beige to everything brown’, which incorporates as many shades of brown as possible in a single outfit, brown is most certainly now the number one contender for the ‘new black’ title. So, be it you are going slouchy Sunday, uptown girl, casual, or smart, make sure your outfit is tan, tobacco, toffee, caramel, or any variation of the colour brown/caramel.

Shiny Crystals’ Revenge

One of this year’s most prominent summer trends was, without a doubt, glitz and glam – from crystals to glitter and anything that gave off a nice shimmer. Interestingly, it looks like autumn isn’t going to be any different. Helping channel our innermost magpie, the coolest brands and designers are incorporating fake diamonds and crystals into everything from earrings and sunglasses to boots and even hair clips. From gleaming barrettes to trainers with giant jewels, there is a crystal or shiny item to suit your taste. This autumn, expect jewellery departments and shops around the globe to be oozing in faux diamonds.

For The Forecast Period 2017 To 2027 The Size Of The Drum Pump Market Will Be Boosted By Government Support


Drum Pumps, What Are They?

The demand for oil and lubricants is growing as a result of the increasing rate of industrialization in both developed and developing countries. Barrels, drums and tanks, among others, are used in the storage of liquids such as oil and lubricants. Drum pumps can be defined as the lightweight, compact and portable piece of equipment used to draw such liquids from the containers in which they are stored. Engine oil, diesel oil, milk, gasoline, vegetable oil, alcohol, hydraulic oil, acid and any other lubricants or corrosive liquids can all be transferred using a drum pump.

When most industrial fluids are stored in a container, such as a drum, the resulting package tends to be quite heavy. This makes emptying the fluid out of the container through tipping unfeasible; in such cases, drum pumps offer an invaluable solution to manufacturers. Drum pump demand, which is expected to grow within the stated period, is primarily driven by industrial users. To reduce the likelihood of accidents or injury to workers as well as minimize the unnecessary wastage industrial fluids through spillages drum pumps are seen as the best solution. Drum pumps have become the go to equipment when it comes to emptying industrial fluids stored in containers due to their numerous advantages.

The Dynamics Of The Drum Pump Market

There are many reasons why the drum pump market is expected to grow strongly, and with it, increase their demand. One of the main reasons behind the expected increase in demand for drum pumps is the growth of various industries dealing with chemicals, oil, lubricants and milk. To make cost savings, especially in shipping, these industries usually order and deliver fluids in bulk, using huge containers. The drum pump market gets a boost as a result simply because these pieces of equipment are the popular choice when it comes to emptying the fluid from these containers.

Another reason why drum pumps are so popular in industrial applications, and a driving force with regard to the expected positive performance of the drum pump market, is the fact that the use of these pumps facilitates perfect flow control at the outlet through the use of the ball valve; their use also helps save a variety of resources such as time and manpower in the transfer of fluids. As a result, the demand for drum pumps in various industries is expected to grow exponentially.

Segmentation Of The Drum Pump Market

The global drum pump market can be categorized according to the application, material and type of pump. The main types of drum pumps include Rotary/Manual, Electric powered, Pneumatic and Hydraulic among others. Under the material segment, the market is divided into metal and plastic; with PVDF (Polyvinylidene Flouride), PP (Polypropylene) and CPC (Chlorinate Polyvinyl Chloride), among others making up the subcategories under the plastic segment.

Aluminium, Cast Iron and Stainless steel among others are the main sub categories under the metal segment. Scientific, Food Processing, Automotive, Manufacturing, Waste Water Treatment, Chemical and Petroleum industries are the main subcategories under the applications segment.

Regional Drum Pump Market Outlook

Regionally, Europe, North America, Middle East, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa are the main drum pump market segments. The largest market for drum pumps is expected to be North America; the popularity of drum pumps in the manufacturing world, due to cost-effectiveness and efficiency associated with their use in the transfer of a huge variety of industrial fluids, is the main factor expected to drive this demand. Another promising market for drum pumps is Latin America.

The second largest market for drum pumps is expected to be Eastern Europe, with the Middle East closely behind it. In recent years, drum pump production has shifted to the east, primarily in Asia. Making inroads in the drum pump industry we have new players from the Middle East, India and China.

Benefits of Choosing Serviced Luxury Apartments For Business Trips


If you are planning on taking a business trip or vacation, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider a luxury serviced apartment. First, it is an excellent way to cut on budgets, which a 4 night stay saving you over 40% compared to a 4-star hotel. Second, luxury serviced apartments suit all kinds of individuals.

Serviced apartments have become a very popular choice for business and leisure travellers across all major cities in the United Kingdom. If you are searching for a place to live and not just sleep while on vacation, then serviced apartments are the best solution. But what are luxury serviced apartments and what other benefits to they offer?

What’s a Serviced Apartment?

This is a form of accommodation that is usually booked on a night-by-night basis and the rates decrease as the length of stay increases. They feature kitchen facilities as well as maid service at least once a week. This is the general definition of serviced apartments, but there is an array of other features that create varying options that fall under the spectrum of serviced apartments.

The Various Types of Serviced Apartment Styles

There are numerous types of serviced apartments which include open plan 1 bedrooms (usually known as studios), 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments. The latter is ideal for those travelling as a group as the allow them to share the cost. They also include kitchen and dining facilities and are renowned for meeting high standards.

The Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Self Catering

Staying in a luxury serviced apartment means that you avoid the hotel dining for one. You won’t have to deal with the tiny tables and expensive restaurant meals. With a serviced apartment, you get a fully equipped kitchen where you have the freedom to cook whatever meal you wish. Also, there’s a huge dining table, giving you the ability to spread out with your paperwork and laptop.

No Checking In and Out

Another great thing about renting a serviced apartment is that you live like a local, or just like home. There is no need to live out of the suitcase when you have a spacious long-term solution that you can avail. Business transformation takes time and while on secondment, it is great to know that you can lock up your work life on the weekend and resume on Monday. A 7-day luxury serviced apartment is way cheaper, spacious, convenient and more luxurious than a 4-star hotel. You get to leave all your stuff behind over the weekend, and there’s no more checking in and out every Friday.

It is World Compared to a Hotel Room

Say goodbye to those small overpriced hotel minibars and marvel at a full sized refrigerator where you can chill your favourite wine and enjoy after a day full of business meetings and other things. It is also an excellent way of entertaining your clients without breaking the bank.

More Space to Work, Entertain and Relax

A luxury serviced apartment gives you a round the clock office and so, you can forget about making schedules for hotel meetings at expensive rates. You can invite your team to the apartment and the extra dining room can be used as a project file room. You will have more space to do your work while abroad.

The huge space will also allow you to unwind without feeling confined. In fact, most of the luxury apartments have pools and space outdoors where you can entertain your guests and even unwind.

Single Point of Contact For Stays in The United Kingdom Wide

It is always easier to have a single contact which will be able to book accommodation for a huge team, regardless of the location and period of stay. This makes everything simple and makes your life much easier.

With such benefits, it certainly makes sense to rent a serviced apartment

Accentuate Your Home With Door Handles And Knobs


Though small, door handles are, without a doubt, some of the most important parts of any office or home. Not only do they play a very practical yet crucial role, but they also, in more ways than one, add value to the overall feel and look of a building’s interior. Be it in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining or living area, nothing looks complete without door knobs and handles.

Since door handles and knobs have become a fashion statement, they’re now being used to add some glitz and glamour to the overall look of offices and homes.

External and Internal Door Handles

When it comes to door handles, it is important to note that these features are available in two main forms: indoor/interior handles and outdoor/external handles. Exterior or outdoor handles are generally installed on all main entrances into a home or building like back doors, front doors, service doors, or side doors. Interior or indoor handles, on the other hand, are used on doors found inside a home or building like toilet doors, bedroom doors, and kitchen doors.

In recent days, external latches and lever-type external door handles have become increasingly popular. However, these are not the only ones that are taking the market by storm. Here is a look at other door handle designs and types that are quite popular right now:

– Stainless-Steel T-Bar handles
– Glass door knobs and handles
– Contemporary door knobs and handles
– PVC handles on plate
– PVS door knobs and handles
– Victorian lever on a Rose knobs
– Classic handles on a rose
– Traditional Mortice knobs
– Rim door knobs
– Centre door knobs
– Black antique knobs

Traditional/Contemporary Door Handles

Many people today are opting to decorate their doors, including cabinet doors, with contemporary-styled door handles such as the attractive chrome finish handles fashioned with modern straight lines. And then, there are others who prefer having traditional door handles with polished antique brass finishes mounted against eye-catching back plates.

Fancy door handles

If you have little ones, you will be glad to know that there are door handles specifically designed for children and are available in different colours and beautiful cartoon designs. If you want something fancy for your kitchen doors, you will be surprised to learn that there are door handles in the market designed to look like fruits.

Kitchen door handles

If you want to give your kitchen a touch of class, installing nothing but the best of kitchen accessories and features is imperative. You’ll be glad to know that there is a very wide range of kitchen cabinets that come with built-in sliding trays, organisers and dividers. If you’re looking for tastefully-designed kitchen door handles, consider getting Hammered knobs with Shell handles or back plates, Cage handles, Hammered Bow handles, or Twister T handles.

What materials are door handles made from?

Different door handles are created using different materials like metal sheet, wood, sheet aluminium alloy, and cast brass. Cast brass door handles may be nickel or chrome plated, copper finished, antique finished, and bright satin finished. Sheet aluminium alloy handles, on the other hand, are available in finishes like satin bright, natural, dyed or Matt.

Metal sheet handles are normally given a stove-enamel, copper-oxidised or black finish. Wooden door handles normally come as level-latch types with ornate and intricate carvings on a base plate. However, most people prefer buying door handles made from metal and brass as they last longer and are more permanent.

To attain a more lasting impression, make sure your door handle’s design and colour match your overall interior. As such, when choosing a door handle, make sure that it matches and accentuates your office’s or home’s interior. To accomplish this, it is important that you match styles and finishes well. Some of the most commonly used finishes include brushed nickel, satin chrome, polished brass, polished chrome, stainless brass, stainless steel, and Florentine bronze.

All in all, when choosing a door handle, style, pattern and colour along with latches, spyholes, knockers, locks, fittings and other fixtures should be given enough consideration to make sure that you choose handles that compliment your exterior and interior doors.

A Guide To Calculating The ROI For Animated Videos


Animated videos are one of the most effective methods of conveying information of what your product or service does, as well as reaching customers with engaging brand content. However, despite the creativity and engagement of the content, the bottom line is to convert the prospects into sales and leads.

Typically, an animated video is placed at the top of a marketing/sales funnel. It is the correct type of content that a business can share via social media or utilise as the basis of a pay per click campaign. The most effective animated videos are those that accelerate sales cycles from prospect to lead to sale.

Measuring ROI for animated videos is significant to understand where the video is placed in the marketing funnel. Metrics are required to measure ROI, and this will include the number of views, the duration of the views and the click through rate. The click through rate indicates how many times a viewer clicked on the CTA and visited your company’s landing page. The measurements will offer you an idea of how engaging your content is; however, they are all dependent on having other items in place. The other items include:

1. SEO

If the animated video is uploaded to video platforms, such as YouTube, it must be sufficiently optimised for search engines. Google always ranks videos higher than other types of content; however, this is only if the video has been optimised using the correct keywords relevant to the video’s content.

2. Social Media

YouTube can assist prospects in finding the video content organically, but you should consider utilising other online channels to promote the content to individuals already engaging with the brand, their contacts and their associates. Using the preferred social media channels to increase momentum around the animated video, consider the benefit of social media advertising to place the content before a highly targeted audience.

3. The Landing Page

Ultimately, you will want your prospects to view the video content and then take the next step by clicking on a link to the relevant landing page. Typically, the home page of your website is not the best option for direct prospects – particularly if you have various services for different target audiences. Instead, try to make the landing page relevant and align it with video content. For example, utilise the same graphics and colours so the prospects know they are in the correct place.

The question remains: how do you know if the animated video has a positive impact on sales? In certain cases, you may be able to tell instantly as uplift in sales cannot be attributed to marketing or advertising activities. The majority of companies will become engaged in a plethora of marketing activities so you will need to understand whether video animation contributes to sales figures. Aspects, such as directing viewers to a landing page from the video, can help you determine if the visits are coming from that activity exclusively. You could also utilise tracking pixels to help measure the results.

4. Determining The ROI

Finally, you will need to calculate the ROI. When determining the ROI for the animated video content, you will need to combine the gains and costs of the content and then consider this equation.

The method in which you calculate what the gains are is dependent on your website’s attribution model. For example, if the aim of the video content is to generate leads or raise awareness, you will need to make the calculation according to these specific requirements.

You should also consider the investment cost, which is not merely the amount the video production company charged you to produce the content. This could include PPC campaigns, the social media agency’s time for promotion of content, paid distribution costs, and any internal resources.

At the end of the day, gaining positive ROI from animated video content involves developing video that will engage a target audience and prompt them to take action. Of course, you will need to support this content by placing it before the target audience, finding the most suitable channels to share the content, and taking a proactive approach to regaining investment and maximise on ROI.

A Comprehensive Guide To Decluttering Before Moving House


I can’t tell about others, but we always appreciate a good clear out. What better moment to do this other than when you’re preparing to move house? Packing away your boxes is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the junk you no longer need but have been hanging on to. By discarded all this stuff you’ll have fewer boxes to carry. This can decrease the total cost of your move, since you’ll be taking less things.

Create Your Game Plan Ahead Of Time

Preparation is key to a successful decluttering action. This plan can be a basic schedule of when you’re going to take care of each room in your house. Set yourself a time frame to declutter and do your best to stick to it. At the same time, try to be realistic. Some people will have the time and the energy to take care of their entire house in as little as one weekend, while others will probably need weeks for each room. Keep in mind that you should always stop whenever you’ll feel fatigue kinking in. Take as many breaks as needed, because you need to have a clear and focused mind to be able to decide what goes and what stays. As decluttering is also about making decisions, it is important that you are well-rested when you do it.

Put Your Main Focus On The Less Used Rooms

When you prioritize your efforts, make sure you start with the rooms you don’t use too much. Chances are that the rooms you’re spending almost all your time in are cluttered, but with items you’re still going to need. On the other hand, a room you seldom go in is probably filled with items you don’t need and you can easily get rid of before moving house. Most people have this tendency to pile up stuff they don’t need in those rooms they don’t use. By focusing your efforts on these junk havens, you’ll have the great satisfaction of a job well done, as you’ll have the opportunity to get rid of many unnecessary things. Such rooms may include the spare bedroom, the shed, the garage, or the space under the stairs. You may still want to hold on to your emotional keepsakes, but most of the stuff in these places is probably junk you won’t regret throwing away.

Keep The Decluttering Habit In Your New Home As Well

If you are organised, you’ll manage to got most part of your decluttering done before you start packing. However, you shouldn’t stop once you reach your new address. As you unpack, keep looking for opportunities to discard more stuff you may never need again. Your new space may be different than what you have imagined, so you may be forced to let go of some of your belongings in order to make everything fit inside the new home. You can always donate your old things, as other people may be happy to use them. If you intend to buy new things for your new home, stick to keeping everything organised and decluttered. You can follow the basic rule that says you should take two things out for each and every item you bring in. Like this, your new space will always stay neat and free from clutter.

It may happen that you want to keep some things but you can’t find a place for them in your new house. In such situations, you may want to consider using storage. There are enough storage centres across the country, so that you can find one within reasonable distance from your house. This is the best way to keep your keepsakes and everything else that you need but doesn’t fit into your new house. You may even decide to store a sofa and various other pieces of furniture that are too valuable for you to get rid of them.

8 Great Get Well Gift Ideas


Trying to decide what to give someone who is suffering can be difficult. It doesn’t matter if someone has a broken arm, the flu, or a more serious medical diagnosis, a gift can always make a loved one feel better. So, here are 8 great get well soon gift ideas.

1. Funky Bed Socks
One great get well present is Cosy Mohair Bed Socks. These bed socks are available in a range of different designs to appeals to all different types of personalities. What’s more, they come displayed in a stylish gift box with a decorative ribbon. Treats for feet are generally universally appreciated, as they can come in handy when the person gets better as well.

2. Chocolate Messages
Personalised, thoughtful chocolate messages can be a great way to boost the spirits of someone who is feeling under the weather. This type of gift allows you to show your heartfelt thoughts and support for people in need. Individual squares of mouth-watering Belgian milk chocolate can be used to create a message that is as silly or sentimental as you like.

3. Sleepwear
A new pair of pajamas or a cosy dressing gown can make an excellent gift choice for those currently spending time in a hospital or in bed at home. PJs make a good addition to a larger get well hamper. Make sure to get PJs that button at the front if the person is struggling with their physical mobility. If the weather is currently very hot, opt for nightwear made from lightweight materials. In the cooler month, choose more thicker, cosy designs.

4. Pampering Gift Sets
When a person is feeling sick or rundown, they often forget to take time to look after themselves at a time when they need it most. So, encourage a person going through a difficult time to take some time to pamper themselves by presenting them with a loaded pampering gift set. Choose a set that is packed with scented candles, natural toiletries and super soft face cloths.

5. Puzzle Books
Being confined to bed rest in order to recover from an illness can be long and boring. Any type of gift that can keep a person entertained while they recuperate is sure to be appreciated. Small puzzle books that contain word searches, crosswords and more are sure to make someone smile. What’s more, small books are easy to pack in a hospital bag.

6. Mindfulness Gifts
There have been many studies that show mindfulness can improve conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. It is also known to help in situations where a person is coping with the diagnosis of a terminal illness, insomnia, bereavement and more. It can be hard to show someone you are thinking of them with they are suffering from mental health issues that often don’t have clear physical symptoms. Mindfulness gifts include things like blank journals, self-help books, relaxing candles, and calming essential oils.

7. Personalised Mugs
While a cup of tea isn’t the answer to all of life’s problems, a personalised mug is a very British way of showing someone you care. When placing your order for a personalised mug, you can request the person’s name and a short message for inscription. The message can be heartfelt and meaningful, or funny and creative. A personalised mug really is a unique, thoughtful gift that recipients are sure to treasure long after their recovery. Keep in mind you can also place extra small gifts inside the mug.

8. An Original Card
There is a wide range of generic “Get Well Soon” cards in high street card shops, but often a situation does not suit that sentiment and it can be hard to find a card with an appropriate message. Fortunately, there is a much larger range of cards available online and you can always buy a blank card and add your own personalized message.