Calculating The ROI For Animated Videos


Animated videos have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to illustrate what your solution or product is, and, is an excellent way to reach customers with the use of engaging branded content. However, no matter how engaging or creative your videos are, the most important aspect of it all is converting potential customers into not only leads but sales as well. Your animated videos are positioned at the very top of your marketing or sales funnel, and, it is definitely the type of content which can be shared by your business on various social media platforms. In addition, they can be widely used for your pay per click ad campaign, and the very best animated videos can indeed speed up your sale cycles from potential to lead and then to a successful sale.

As you aim to measure the ROI for your animated videos, you must be sure that you understand the position that your video has taken up in a marketing funnel. The various metrics required for measuring your ROI includes not only the number of views but also the length of each view as well as click through rate. You will also need to find out the amount of times that each viewer clicked on your CTAs and went on to visit your landing pages. These measurements are essential since they basically tell you how engaging your content was, however, these numbers are all dependent on several other factors such as SEO, social media and of course, your landing page.

As far as SEO goes, if your video has been uploaded on a specific video platform such as YouTube, it would have to be properly optimised for various search engines. Even though Google tends to rank videos way higher than the different types of content, it is only done when your videos are optimised for the correct keywords which illustrate the content of your video.

It should be noted that even though YouTube helps your potential customers to organically find your content, you should aim to target different channels as you actively promote yourself and your product to those who are already familiar with your brand as well as their associates and contacts. You should also aim to use your desired social media platforms to create and sustain momentum around your animations as well as indulging in social media advertising which puts you at the front of a highly targeted market.

Initially, your aim is to have your potential customers look at your videos and then transition by clicking on the provided link which goes to the relevant landing page. However, your home page isn’t typically the best place to redirect your customers, especially in the case of having numerous solutions present. Be sure to create your landing page to be specific for the issue at hand and ensure all your content is focused on it by including the correct video content as well as graphics and colours alike.

In case you’re wondering if your animated videos are having the desired impact on your sales, you should be able to tell instantly due to the increase in sales which can’t be from other marketing aspects. Every company will be involved in a series of marketing actions, which means that you will need to fully understand if your animations are positively contributing to your overall sales figure. So, be sure to keep an eye on where your viewers are directed from in order to see if this was the only activity which continues to bring in more customers. In addition, tracking pixels are used to aid in measuring your results.

And last but not least, you need to calculate your ROI. In doing this, you need to calculate the total if the gains as well as the cost of your content and then, you need to seriously crunch this equation. Your model of attribution is used to calculate your gains. In order to illustrate, if your videos main purpose was to raise awareness, your calculations will need to be done based on the worth it has to you.

Be sure that you also understand your cost of investment, but keep in mind that this isn’t only the amount that you spent to create the video. This cost also includes PPC campaigns, internal resources, your paid distribution costs, and the time that was spent by a social media agency as they promoted you. The take home point from all of this is simply attaining the positive ROI from your animated videos, but keep in mind that you would also need additional support to get your content in front of the targeted audience by finding the right platforms to share your content, and by also staying proactive.

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