Beginner’s Guide on How to Declutter Before You Move

If you are anything like me, you really enjoy a thorough clear out. The best time to do this is when you are in the process of preparing for a move. As you start to pack your boxes, this is the ideal time to start getting rid of your junk that has cluttered up your home. It will also mean you will have less boxes to take with you, and that you are only taking along what is really important to the new home. In fact, you will also end up paying less for your move by throwing away what you no longer need.

Establish a Game Plan

To begin with, to ensure your decluttering process is a success, create an efficient game plan before you start. This will mainly include a schedule of how to tackle every room in the home. Dedicate a date and a time for decluttering each room, yet be realistic about your estimates. Certain movers are able to get through an entire home in as little as a weekend, while other people might only be able to declutter 1 room every week or even more.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that as soon as you get tired you must stop. Take breaks and do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed, agitated or fed-up by the entire process. Choose the time that you will need to make the best decisions and to manage the job with little strain as possible.

Focus on the Rooms That Are Used Less

When you are establishing where you should be focusing your efforts when it comes to decluttering, begin with rooms that are used the least. The reasoning behind this makes sense. The rooms that you spend most of your time in may be cluttered, but the majority of this clutter you probably use regularly. It is usually the rooms that you hardly use that harbour a lot of junk that is easy to throw away before your move.

These rooms become the haven for odds and ends that you never use, or you have forgotten about. This can include under a staircase, in a spare bedroom, your shed and your garage. Everyone has spaces like these in their homes, so this is usually the better place to begin. Set more time aside to deal with these rooms, as they will probably contain keepsakes that you are emotionally tied to, which may take more time to go through.

Carry on Decluttering in Your New House

You will probably get through most of the decluttering process before your move. This is especially true if you are organised. But decluttering should not stop once you are settled in your new home. As you unpack your boxes, you will probably find more stuff to throw away. This may be due to spaces that are different to what you thought it would be, so you may not need all the items you have packed. If you have plans to buy new items to match up to the new space, donate or sell your old things so you stay uncluttered and organised. One of the good rules that follow is when you buy something new, get rid of 2 old things. This will assist you greatly in staying decluttered in your new home.

Of course, in some cases you will want to keep some of your things, but you may not have space to accommodate these items. When this happens, you can take advantage of storage options. Whether you only need the space for a couple of boxes or a sofa suite which is not fitting into your living room, there are many affordable centres all over the country that can assist you in keeping your house clutter free, without having to get rid of your beloved items.

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