Eight Themed Parties for the New Year

Regardless of whether you want to have a classy New Year party with a Hollywood-themed bash, a black and white ball, or a highly cheesy old-school decade celebration; there is always a cool New Year party theme for each person. The themes are discussed in this article.

1. The Black and White Ball Theme

If you want to throw a classy New Year’s Eve celebration, then it is advised you opt for the infamous Black and White Ball originally thrown by Truman Capote in the 1960s. To enter the fabulous soiree, the guests need to be wearing nothing but white and black apparel. Decorate your house with deep red tablecloths, golden dishes, and candelabras, as well as white draperies. Truman Capote’s menu consisted of some of the New York Plaza Hotel’s specialties, so it is recommended that you opt for chick hash, sausages, scrambled eggs, spaghetti and meatballs, and biscuits for your menu. Of course, do not forget the champagne!

2. The Bonfire Party

If you are searching for a low-key means of ringing in 2017, why not try a simple bonfire party? Sitting under the last sky of 2016 with your closest friends and family, swap your favourite stories of the year drinking some Craft beer. For food, try serving some bonfire classics such as pan pizzas, hot dogs, scrambled eggs and s’mores.

3. The Decade Party

Almost every person enjoys some nostalgia during New Year’s, but instead of searching through the dumpster fire that was 2016 why not head further back with a decade-themed celebration? Break out the classic Nickelodeon cartoons, Hi-C Echo Cooler and denim overalls for a fun 1990s themed party. Perhaps all guests can channel their inner diva and arrive in shiny disco jumpsuits with afros for a 1970s themed event? Choose a specific decade, serve classic foods from that era on vintage dinnerware sets from Silver and Pewter Gifts, play old-school tracks from the decade, and party like it’s the old year for a new year.

4. The End of the World Party

No person knows what is in store for the next year, so why not party as if this is the last day on earth? Serve highly decadent foods, such as poached lobster, gooey chocolate lava cakes and beef wellington. Break out the champagne as if there’s no tomorrow, and try incorporating a smattering of the potential apocalypse with some fireball whiskey or flaming cocktails. However, when January the 1st does arrive, you may have a large mess to clear up.

5. The Good Fortune Party

With the Year of the Rooster approaching, why not opt to welcome the year with good fortune? While there are many ways of hosting a Chinese New Year’s party, try personalising the experience by stuffing fortune cookies with phrases that only your friends will get. To channel the rooster, opt for some Chinese-inspired chicken appetisers including egg rolls, wontons and chicken dumplings.

6. The Hollywood Party

You may not be able to attend or compete with the glamour of parties in Los Angeles, but you can continue to channel the pop culture of this year. For your Hollywood New Year’s party, why not play some of the top songs of the year with some music from artists who have passed away in 2016 (rest in peace Sharon Jones, David Bowie, Prince and George Michael). The food served can be meals cooked from a favourite 2016 celebrity cookbook, such as Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings. When prepared, dine and dance the night away as if you were in LA.

7. The Midnight Brunch Party

If you are going to be awake until dawn on New Year’s Day, you may as well set up some brunch. Once the clock strikes 12 o’clock, set out a serving of brunch favourites for guests to snack on including berry crepes, candied bacon, and spinach frittatas. For brunch drinks, opt for peach bellinis, classic mimosas, and the traditional Bloody Mary.

8. The Texas-Themed Casino Party

Casino parties must include roulette, poker games and lots of money passing from hand to hand to be authentic; however, you can channel the favourite Texas Hold ‘Em game with a Southern twist on the poker night. Moreover, along with the poker tournament, you could serve Tex-Mex favorites to round out the event including nachos, chips with queso and spicy chilli con carne.

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