8 Themed Parties For The New Year

A themed New Year party is something that a lot of people consider. Whether you want a classy New Year or something that is a bit more cheesy, you need to know what your options are.

A Black And White Ball

If you are looking for a classy New Year’s party, you should look at channeling the Black and White ball that was thrown by Truman Capote in 1966. If your guests want to gain entry to your party, they will need to wear nothing but black and white. You can find many outfits available for this theme as well as in plus size, meaning everyone can look the part.  You can look at decorating your home with tablecloths of deep red, white drapes, and golden dishes.

The menu served by Capote consisted of all the specialties of the New York Plaza Hotel. This means that you should look at sausage, chicken hash, meatballs and spaghetti. Of course, you should also remember to have some champagne for when the clock hits midnight.

A Bonfire Party

If you are looking for a party that is a bit more low-key, you should try a simple bonfire one. You can sit under the stars for the last night of the year with all of your close friends and family. Get some craft beer and you can swap some of your favourite stories from the past year with each other. When it comes to the food, you should look at classic bonfire fare such as pan pizza, hot dogs, s’mores and scrambled eggs.

A Decade Party

New Year’s Eve is a great time for a bit of nostalgia, but instead of looking back at the year that has past, you can look a bit further back with a decade-themed party. If you want a 90’s party, you should look at breaking out the overalls and some classic Nickelodeon cartoons. If you want to channel your inner disco diva, go for a 70’s party with shiny jumpsuits and afros. All you need to do is pick a decade, serve the foods from the time and play some of the old tunes to party into the new year.

End Of The World Party

There is no way to know what is coming in the new year so party like you won’t see another new year. For this type of party, you should serve some decadent foods like poached lobster and chocolate lava cake. You should also look at popping champagne like there is no tomorrow.

You can also look at adding a touch of the apocalypse to the party. To do this, you should have some flaming cocktails. Of course, when the first of January comes, you will have a mess to clean up.

A Good Fortune Party

Why not welcome the New Year with some good fortune. There are a lot of ways that you can host a good fortune New Year from personalising fortune cookies to have sayings that only relate to your friends. You can also look at serving some food that represents good fortune.

A Hollywood Party

While you will not be able to compete with a Los Angeles party, you can still channel some pop culture into your party. You should look at playing all of the top songs from the year along with music from any artists who have passed away during the year. When it comes to food, you should look at your favourite celebrity cookbooks from the past year.

A Midnight Brunch Party

As you are going to be staying up all night, you might as well have some brunch. When the clock hits midnight, you can set out a brunch buffet of your favourite foods. This can include some berry crepes, candied bacon and spinach frittatas. For drinks, you can look at Bloody Marys, mimosas and peach bellinis.

A Texas-Themed Casino Party

A classic New Year theme party is a casino party with poker games and lots of money changing hands. However, if you want something a bit different, you can channel Texas Hold ‘Em for a twist. You can have a classic poker tournament with some Tex-Mex favourites to eat. For drinks, you can have some ice cold margaritas.

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