Is It Time To Begin A Marketing Career?

Once you look at marketing it is easy to see the appeal of working in this field. Marketing is a generally cool career as it moves on innovation and new technology. Looking in the window, marketing may seem like the perfect career for anybody who is people oriented and wants to be in the thick of things. But what is it really like to work as a marketer?

Is important to note that not all experiences are going to be the same as it is going to be dependent upon the company and your specific role. There are many specific areas in which one can specialize whether it is in search engine marketing, social media marketing, or event marketing. Some individuals may choose to work with a brand’s in-house department, while others may feel more comfortable in an agency setting working with a variety of brands. Whatever role you choose, you can always expect to have a varied workday, excellent pay, a chance to be creative, as well as a good work versus life balance.

Humans First

One of the major aspects of working in marketing is that it is one of the few fields that you work with humans on a daily basis. It does not matter whether you are working with branding, social media, even analytics, you are going to have to get into the mindset of the customer in order to foster brand loyalty and ensure that your campaigns are successful.

We have all heard the saying “the customer is always right”, in the world of marketing that takes on a new meaning as all of your work is centered around the customer. Thankfully, as you work in the industry, especially in reputable companies such as Fruitful Marketing,  learning about customers will become easier. With time you’ll be able to identify the needs and desires of your customer, understand who they are as well as what you can expect from them and what you can offer them.

It’s Never the Same

One of the great things about working in marketing is that you never stop learning, there is always something new and different on a daily basis. In some cases, it may be a new method or need school that is going to help automate the process and make your job easier and faster.

If you’re interested in a career in marketing, there’s never been a better time to get involved. The exponential growth of social media and digital platforms, brands have so much opportunity to get their name and products out to customers than ever before.

With this type of work, there is so much variation, this is especially true while working with an agency where you may represent clients from every walk of life. In fact, if you love technology, writing, and just staying in the loop of the newest and coolest up you won’t believe that you’re getting paid for this job. Of course, working and marketing is always a challenge as there is so much to keep current on. However, if you have some creativity and no technology, it is the perfect field.

Work Versus Life Balance

If you do not want to take work home with you, marketing is an excellent field. In fact, Glassdoor has listed marketing as one of the best for an equal work to life balance of the six of top 25 jobs which included, social media manager, search engine optimization manager, digital marketing manager, content manager, and marketing analyst.

One of the aspects that makes marketing so likeable is the fact that is not a cutthroat industry, the work conditions are relaxed and the jobs are plentiful. In 2016, the average salary for a marketing manager was just under $130,000 per year and almost 250,000 new jobs were being created in that year alone. It is used to see why marketing is an excellent career choice for anyone.

What Is Working In Marketing Like?

It isn’t difficult to see why it is appealing. Marketing is cool inherently: it thrives on constant change, the latest technologies, and innovation. From the outside, marketing appears to be the ideal career for anybody wanting to work with others and keep up on all the latest as a number cruncher, creative, or strategist. But what is it actually like?

Your experience working in the marketing, of course, is largely going depend on your role and the company you work for. It is a very broad field with number opportunities for specialising, whether it is social media, search engine marketing, sports, or events. Some individuals decide to join the in-house department of a brand, while others prefer working for an agency and a portfolio of clients. Whichever marketing role you decide to choose ultimately, you can expect that the job will provide you with a varied workday, lots of opportunities to be creative, good pay, and great work-life balance.

You will make it a habit to put customers first

Marketing is a deeply human field which is one of the big perks to working in the field. Whether you work in social media, branding, or data analytics, you will need to get into the habit of being able to empathize with your customers in order to build loyalty for your brand and make your campaigns successful.

“When it comes to marketing, there is a whole new meaning for the saying the customer is always right, where all or most of your work is focused on getting into the heads of members of your target audience,” says a digital marketing Basingstoke representative.

As you gain more industry experience that will continue to get easier. You will learn how to understand the needs and desires of your customer, what value you can provide them with, what they can expect from you, and discover who they really are.

No two days are the same, ever

Romeo Man, who last year founded his own digital agency, says that it doesn’t matter how much he learns, there is always new things waiting to be discovered. It is usually new tools that can be used to automate processes and make them faster.

This is the best time there has ever been to pursue a marketing career. Thanks to the growth of social media and digital platforms, brands have more online platforms and gadgets right at their fingertips for marketing their products and services to consumers than they ever have before.

The work can be really varied, particularly on the agency side of things where you are able to represent clients from every walk of life, and you will be pinching yourself over all of the opportunities that you have. Ian Lurie, who has worked for twenty years in marketing says that the reason why he loves marketing so much is because he gets to earn money doing those things that he really loves the most: keeping up with current things, nerding out on technology, and writing. Sometimes, I hate it when I feel like I am trying to skate uphill against all of the marketers using spammy techniques and promising quick fixes. However, if you happen to be a creative individual who has a geeky side, then it is the ideal career for you.

You can expect to have a great work-life balance

Marketing is a great career if you don’t like taking work home. Glassdoor has a list of the best jobs for work-life balance, and six out of the top 25 were marketing jobs, including content manager, marketing analyst, marketing assistant, digital marketing manager, social media manager, and SEO manager.

There is a good chance that you won’t feel dissatisfied with your work when you have a stable income and good job security. Unlike a lot of other industries, marketing isn’t really cut-throat: working conditions are fairly cosy and jobs are plentiful. In 2016, marketing managers had a median pay of US $127,000, with up to 249,600 new job openings within the US. According to PayScale, the median salary that can be earned by a marketing manager in Europe is €42,105 in Italy (US $51,600), €49,894 in Germany (US $61,130) and in the UK £32,752 (US $45,400).