Booking Summer Holiday Maintenance Work

With summer break coming, most schools will start to think about September. However, refurbishment work and maintenance can take place over the summer to ensure that a fresh start is made in September. When you keep ahead of the game, you will actually be able to save on the costs and time of the work to ensure that you stick to budget.

Why Summer?

Summer break is actually the best time to complete maintenance work on the school whether this is structural or decorative. This is due to the fact that the traffic from lessons is gone and the school is clear of the year’s worth of learning. When the walls of the school are cleared, it will become clear that some freshening up is needed. It is important to think about redecorating at this time to ensure that you can book a good school decorator and you can be more accurate in your requirements.

Getting Started

You need to focus on the planning. When you formulate your decorative plan while the school is in a working state, you will be aware of the practical challenges that you need to target. It is often easy for these things to slip by when you are looking at an empty room. This is why you need to make an inventory of all the areas that require attention, listen to teacher feedback and make time to see how the students are interacting with the spaces.

Decorative Knowledge

If you feel that this is a task too large for you to take on, you should bring in the decorator at the planning stage. They will be able to offer advice as well as undertake the painting and maintenance work. Decorators will also find it helpful to see the area in a working state as it helps them better understand how the space is used on a daily basis. They will then be able to make informed recommendations for your plans and schedule.

The Summer Challenges

The six weeks of summer holiday is no longer the time of absence that it was in the past. Schools have found clever and commercial ways to use their space. This means that the school could be hired out during the traditional downtimes for daycare schemes, conferences, events and meetings. This will create a challenge as the decorative work might seem even more impossible to complete than when school is in session.

Getting Around This

This hiring out will create a challenge for even experienced decorators. However, external events will generally not use the whole building so clever planning can be used to ensure that the full decorative work is completed without stopping the commercial use. When you talk with a decorator, you will have to tell them about the events you will have during the summer so they can dovetail their work with these other activities. There are some decorators that offer out of hours schedules so you can start the work before the end of the term.

The Cyclical Demands

The work that needs to be done will not always be something as simple as freshening the classrooms for the next school year. The school building will age and is under a lot of strain during the year. This means that there are certain areas that require more maintenance than others. You should not try to do all of this work at once because the work is more likely to face unforeseen issues. It is better to stagger this work.

When Is It Too Late?

The good thing is that it is never too late. The process will be smoother and faster when you have time to plan and get everything in place. However, it is not the end of the world if you cannot and there are many decorators and waste clearance services who will be able to take care of the work during term time.