Booking Maintenance And Decorative Work During The Summer Holiday Works

With the half term for Summer fast approaching, now is the time when schools begin to think about September.

Does that sound surprising? Maybe a little, but the reality is that all maintenance and refurbishment processes that can be carried out over the long Summer break to facilitate a fresh start in September really need to be thought about now. By staying one step ahead when planning your decorative schedule, you should be able to significantly reduce the cost and duration of the work.

Why the Summer Holidays?

The long break during the summer months is an excellent time to schedule maintenance work in a school. It doesn’t matter if the work is structural or just decorative, contractors are going to need a few people using the buildings as possible to get on with their work. What’s more, many of the learning resources used throughout the year are cleared away for the summer, making it easier for contractors to access various areas. For example, most teachers take student work off the walls for the summer, as they want to make room to display the work from their new class in September. Blank walls sure make decorating easier.

Where to Begin

Planning is essential. Scheduling a decorative plan while the structure of the building is still in tack means you know about challenges that have to be overcome. It’s easy to overlook areas that require work when a building is bustling with learning activities. Once the corridors and classrooms are empty, you need to begin inspections and make an inventory of things that need attention. It’s also vital to ask teachers for feedback about how they use the space.

Professional Decorative Advice

If you feel like the whole building is in disrepair and you don’t know where to start, this ithe time to call in a rubbish clearance service like Roup Cycle and a decorator. We can use our many years of experience to provide you with professional advice as to how to best plan for maintenance and painting work. Furthermore, it’s useful for us to observe a space flagged for decorating when it is in use. We can then understand how people interact with the space on a practical level and make recommendations for both your decorative plan and schedule.

Summer Holiday Challenges

School administrators often hire out the school building to commercial clients during the summer break. This means there might be daycare schemes, public meeting, conferences and other events scheduled during the holidays. The schedule can be busy and sometimes even make decorating and maintenance work more feasible during term time.

Overcoming Challenges

For experienced professional decorators, a busy out of term school schedule is easily managed. Discrete working and clever scheduling can mean a full decoration and restoration can take place without impacting on a school’s commercial business during the summer months. Our team can work out of hours and even begin work before the school term ends.

Cyclical Demands

Often classroom needs more than a new coat of paint to get them ready for the next academic year. Over the course of a year, a school building can take a bit of a battering and it may occur that some areas need more substantial maintenance. Don’t try to do decorative and structure maintenance all at once. Structure work doesn’t often go as smoothly as you might like due to many potential unforeseen challenges, so it’s best to stagger it.

Is It Too Late?

It is never too late to schedule decorating and maintenance work. Of course, if you leave it until the last minute the process might be a little less smooth, especially for decoration and maintenance work in term time. But don’t worry! We can carry out our work in the evenings and at weekends when the school is closed if need be.