9 Top Fashion Trends We’ll All Be Embracing By Autumn

Once summer will be gone, it seems that we’ll choose glossy fabrics, animal print patterns and very long earrings to complement our outfits.

This article details nine of the best trends that hit the runway over the past month that we’ll all be happy to wear this autumn.

1. Checks

This is Clueless, the reinvented version. This geometrical print has been the star of the catwalks throughout the autumn/winter 2018 season. Furthermore, don’t shy away from doubling it up. Take a closer look at Stella and Rochas collections to see how they impressed their audience with their full two-piece outfits featuring identical patterns.

2. Shoulder-Grazing White Metal Earrings

You may already know last season’s vividly-colored fancy earrings. Autumn/winter 2018 takes this trend to the next level by adding a lot of weight to these ear adornments. You have a whole summer ahead of you to gradually train your ears to put up with these massive pieces of jewelry that will make next winter’s glory.

3. Glossy Fabrics

Whatever your clothing item, it better be glossy. This rule applies to coats, heels, trousers, skirts, driving gloves and anything else you can possibly think about. Lacquered fabrics are among the best trends of the moment, and the next season is going to push this trend even further. For best results, consider pairing these clothing items with various other tactile fabrics such as faux fur, knitwear, and tweed.

4. Sequinned Materials

Just take a look at Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello AW18 collection and you’ll see at a glance how big the impact of a sequinned dress can be. You can choose to apply this trend to a full-length dress or to a mini fun one. Whatever your choice, make sure to keep your makeup and accessories to a minimum unless you want to dress to kill everyone around you.

5. Headwear

The latest headwear fashion trends such as hijabs and turbans have ignited the spirits. Some saw them as inappropriate while others praised these trends for boosting the visibility of cultural groups often overlooked by mainstream fashion designers.

6. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots were arguably the hottest footwear trends that shattered this month’s catwalks. D&G chose to showcase a bejeweled version of these boots (this isn’t a big surprise), while Isabel Marant opted for a more conservative approach, simpler and much easier to wear. We’d suggest you cover the whole spectrum by adding one pair of each style to your wardrobe.

7. Animal Print

Although animal print has been around for ages, it has become a lot more obvious across the full fashion month for AW18. Among the most striking pieces, we can mention Victoria Beckham’s leopard-print trench coat, Isabel Marant’s snake-print trousers or Givenchy’s white tiger-print sweatshirt. They all look amazing, so why not add them to your wardrobe. Perhaps you may even want to wear them together.

8. Miniature Handbags

Now it’s time to give up the huge handbags that used to host your spare jumpers, unused notebooks, lip balms, make-up kits and other such stuff. Autumn/Winter 2018 won’t allow you to use your handbag for storing anything but your credit card and perhaps a few receipts – which you’d have to fold twice – as the new mini handbags won’t offer you room for anything else. If this trend upsets you, just take a look at Celine’s rope belt featuring several miniature bags at the same time.

9. Quilting

Some of the biggest fashion brands reinforced the suggestion that comfort is key. That’s why they decided to add quilting to their newest collections. As fashion show benches aren’t that comfortable, perhaps some Lacoste-style padded tops would be a great idea.