9 Key Trends From A Month Of Fashion Shows That We Will All Be Wearing Come Autumn

At last, autumn is underway after the heatwave of the summer and it seems that we will be wearing a lot of funky animal prints and fabrics that are shiny and glossy. With some serious accessories like shoulder length earrings, our wardrobes are sure to be anything but boring.

All eyes were on London, Paris, Milan and New York this season to view the multiple trends that designers have come up with. The collections had plenty of pieces that women can actually get excited about wearing this coming autumn.
Check out some of the stand-out fashion trends that hit the runways of the world over the past four weeks and that we will soon be wearing this autumn.

1. Checks

The Autumn/Winter 2018 collections were crammed with every conceivable geometric print that appeared on everything from clothing to accessories to headwear. And the bold designers were not afraid to double up with both Rochas and Stella showcasing two-piece ensembles cut from the same fabric with a knockout effect.

2. Glossy Fabrics

Lacquered fabrics with a glossy sheen reminiscent of the 50s and 60s are making a comeback right now and for the next season, everything is going to be even shinier than before. From trousers, coats, jumpsuits, leather gloves, and heels, you name it, everything is glossy. Teamed up with tactile fabrics such as tweed jackets, cable knits, and faux fur, they packed a serious punch on the catwalks.

3. Sequinned Dresses

Sequinned dresses made such a huge impact on the runways this season that Anthony Vaccarello of St. Laurent’s dedicated half of his entire A/W 2018 collection to different variations of this ageless favourite from tiny minis to full-length showstoppers. When wearing a fully sequined dress, remember to keep its beauty pristine by not venturing into overkill territory with jewellery and accessories.

4. Tuxedo Dresses

Power dressing inspired by masculine tuxedo styles were oversized or more slim-cut and flattering in prim tweed with matching gloves. One of the most favourite items in this style was a cute little black tuxedo dress that will take any savvy girl from the boardroom to a cocktail lounge with ease.

5. Animal Prints

Animal prints have stood the test of time and it was no less noticeable across all four of the A/W ’18 fashion weeks. One of the most talked about items was undoubtedly the lightweight classic trench coat in leopard print from Victoria Beckham’s collection. Givenchy’s white tiger-print sweatshirts were a hit and there were lots of glam animal print leggings. What with stunning snake-print trousers from Isabel Marant, if it’s animal print you crave you will be spoilt for choice this autumn.

6. Quilting

Many of the big names looked to quilting for their Autumn/Winter 2018 collections. Looking almighty comfortable, a pair of padded Lacoste trousers had lots of appealing.

7. Mini Handbags

Full-size totes that could hold anything from spare jumpers to notebooks have given way to tiny purses that won’t allow for any clutter. If you would like to follow the trends this autumn but don’t know how you’ll manage with a miniature handbag, don’t despair. Céline came to the rescue with a rope belt that had a range of mini handbags hanging from it. Problem solved and fashion lives on.

8. Cowboy Boots

One of the hottest footwear trends that stamped its mark on the catwalks this season was the humble cowboy boot. However, they were not so humble after D&G got hold of them and bejewelled them to the max. Isabel Marant kept them simpler and every day but to be on the safe side, why not cover your bases by getting a pair from each end of the spectrum.

9.  Little House On The Prairie

Continuing to look to the great American outdoors for inspiration, designs from the Wild Wild West featured ankle swishing prairie dresses with leather and tassel details. the king of Western fashion, Calvin Klein sent his models skimming down the runways in floor-length gingham and lace skirts teamed with a jumper on top.