9 Fashion Trends You Need To Be Aware Of For This Autumn/Winter Season

As summer comes to a close, it would look as though our wardrobes for going to become a lot shinier through glossy fabrics, fierce animal prints, and some incredible shoulder grazing earring masterpieces. Take just a few minutes to glance over nine of the hottest trends that have it the runway in just the last four weeks as these are the hot looks for autumn.


Remember the movie Clueless? This is along the same lines at 10 times cooler. During the autumn/winter 2018 season, the catwalks were smitten with this geometrical print on just about every item possible. In case you’re wondering, it is perfectly fine to double up. In fact, Rochas and Stella both showcased two-piece outfits designed from the same cloth and made the crowd fall in love.

Shoulder Grazing Silver Earrings

During last season the vast majority of jewellery was filled with colourful pom-pom ear adornments, however, this season things are about to get a lot wilder. And, I guess we can say a tad it heavier. Don’t worry though, as you still have a couple of months to prepare your ears for these heavily styled earrings to look incredible during the winter.

Glossy Fabrics

Coats, trousers, deals, and gloves, all of them and more are going glossy. This is the time for lacquered fabrics and they are going to be shinier than you ever imagined. Combined with other tactile materials such as tweed jackets, faux fur shoes or a cable net sweater they are going to pack a serious fashion punch.

Sequinned Dresses

You know that sequined dresses are going to make a huge impact when Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello prepared half of his fall and winter collection to various designs of this gorgeous showstopper. Whether you prefer the full-length trauma or a fun many, you want to keep your beauty look as minimal as possible to not overkill the whole design.


Hijabs, hoods, turbines, and hats all managed to make an appearance on the catwalk this season to some mixed responses. There were those that saw the headwear with religious themes as tone-deaf cultural appropriation, while others it helps to increase the visibility of many cultural groups that are never seen in mainstream fashion. Wedding hats, popularised again by the royal wedding, was also seen in the Rebecca Couture Millinery collection.

Cowboy Boots

One would not expect to see the simple cowboy boot become one of the hottest footwear trends to hit the catwalks over the past two few months. However, it did make a number of appearances in various guises, D&G maxed it up with jewels while Isabel Marant allowed the boot to appear in its much simpler an everyday form. If you want to be prepared for anything for the upcoming season you may want to grab one of each to cover all of your fashion bases.

Animal Prints

The design of the animal print is nothing that may be so groundbreaking, however, during the last four fashion weeks, it was a popular option. Victoria Beckham appeared wearing a leopard print trenchcoat, Isabel Marant showed off snake print trousers, and one could not forget Givenchy’s white tiger-print sweatshirt.

Mini Handbags

Is your tote so full of lip balms, receipts, spare jumpers and used notebooks? If so, it is time to clear all of that junk out. By recent standards, you should only be carrying one credit card and one receipt folded twice over because the new handbag is going to be the size of a miniature purse. If you are in a panic like I am, just take a look at Céline, who has designed a rope belt that features several mini bags trailing off of it.


Showing that comfort is key this year, several major brands looked to the art of quilting for their collections. Perhaps after spending months on the road and resting on those uncomfortable fashion show benches, the thought of a padded troos à la Lacoste became more appealing.