How To Calculate ROI For Animated Videos

Animated videos offer a highly effective way in which to convey what your solution or product does along with reaching an audience with highly engaging and accessible content. Yet, it doesn’t really matter how creative or engaging the video may be, your bottom line needs to be focused on converting a prospective audience into sales and leads.  To ensure a professional outcome, using a video production company in Nottingham can ensure that you will get a ROI.

In most cases, animated videos will be at the top part of your sales funnel or marketing. It is usually the content type that your business is able to share on different social media platforms or use as a basis for pay-per-click campaigns. Superior animated videos have the potential to accelerate sales cycles from prospects to leads onto sales.

What Metrics Should You Use?

In order to measure the ROI for your animated videos, it becomes important to know where these videos are positioned in the marketing funnels. Metrics required for measuring ROI includes the view numbers, click through rates and durations of these views. The click-through-rate is measured by the number of times the viewer clicked on the CTA as well as visited your landing page. It is these measurements that can give you the information needed about how engaging this content is. However, they are also dependent on making sure other things are also in place. These include:

1. SEO

When your animated videos are uploaded to YouTube or other video platforms, it has to be optimised correctly for the search engines. Google always ranks videos higher when compared to other content forms, but only when it has been optimised with relevant keywords in association with the video content.

2. Social Media

YouTube might help your prospects to organically locate your video-content, yet it is still recommended to make use of other channels in order to promote it actively to an audience that is engaged already with the brand, along with their associates and contacts. Make use of social media channels that you prefer to build up momentum around your animation and think about social-media advertising so that your content is exposed to highly targeted markets.

3. Landing Page

Ultimately you should have a goal of wanting your prospects to watch the video, followed by taking the step to click on the link which will divert them to a relevant landing page. In general, your home-page on your site is not the preferred place in order to direct your prospects, especially when the site offers various solutions or different types of target audiences. Rather make sure the landing pages are aligned and relevant with the content of the video. For example, utilize the same graphics and colours to ensure prospects will know they have reached the correct place.

How Will You Know If Your Animated Videos Are Having A Positive Impact On Your Sales?

In certain cases, you will know immediately, due to an uplift in your sales which are not attributed to any of the other marketing or advertising activities.

Many companies are often engaged in many marketing activities, which is why it is important to find out whether your animation is, in fact, contributing to your sales figures. Factors that include directing the viewers to a specific landing-page from these videos can assist you in seeing whether the visits come from these specific activities. You are also able to use tracking-pixels that can assist in measuring your results.

Working Out Your ROI

Finally, you should be calculating your ROI. When you work out ROI for your animated videos, it requires totaling up all your costs and gains of this content followed by crunching this equation.

To calculate your gains, it will depend on the attribution model. For example. When the videos objective is to generate leads or raise awareness. The calculation needs to be based on what these factors are worth to the company.

You also need to gain an understanding about the investment costs. This is more than just the amount the video-production company charged you for. It could also include PPC campaigns, paid-distribution costs, the time spent by a social-media agency to promote your content and your internal resources.

In conclusion, obtaining ROI that is positive for animated videos also includes creating videos which engage target audiences as well as get your prospects to take the next step. In addition, you need to offer these videos with support by making sure they are watched by targeted audiences, making sure you find the correct channels where you can share these on, along with taking an approach that is proactive to recoup the investment along with maximizing your ROI.

The Sausie Awards: The Results

People throughout England have voted who the least, and the most tastiest celebs are. On October 25th, the SAUSIES awards took place, which was sponsored by Porky Whites. The awards show revealed which celebs the nation thought embedded great taste and which celebs left a bad taste in the public’s mouth.

Many online votes were cast to determine the winners. Voters cast their votes across 13 categories that ranged from TV & sport to politics to radio. Voters considered an array of things, such as celebs’ behaviour, looks, their personality and their style.

So, who are the winners? Find out below. They include:

Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby: Tastiest TV Duo
The duo took home the Tastiest TV duo award. Half of the votes cast were for them, and they beat out names like Tess and Claudia, as well as Sandi and Noel from Bake Off. The team have always had amazing chemistry and they go great together, much like mash and sausages, according to a voter.

Tom Hardy: Tastiest Male Celebrity
Tom Hardy, an actor who was once a model, took home the tastiest make award. Voters voted him for several reason. One voter said he is extremely nice looking, but he is also an animal lover and a great actor.

Holly Willoughby: Tastiest Female Celebrity
Holly scored a second award, and this time it was for being the tastiest female celebrity. She beat other big names, such as Stacy Solomon and Emma Willis. One male voter said he would love to share some sausage with the celebrity, and another voter described her as being funny and gorgeous.

Ben Shephard: Tastiest Male Breakfast Television Presenter
Shephard beat out his fellow presenter Piers Morgan to achieve this award. He receive nearly a third of the vote. Many people talked about how good looking Shephard is and how he has a great personality to go along with it. Morgan came third, while Dan Walker from BBC came in second.

Susanna Reid: Tastiest Female Breakfast TV Presenter
Susanna Reid, from GMB, got the top award in her category and one voter pointed out how smart she was and how attractive she is. Another voter said she is patient, especially when you consider she has had to deal with Piers Morgan on numerous occasions. Besides that, she also beat out Louise Minchin and Kate Garraway to land the award.

Tastiest sportsman Went To David Beckham
He proved he still has it. he beat out Max Whitlock and Anthony Joshua. One voter exclaimed how handsom Beckham was and that he is ageing quite well.

Tastiest Sportswoman Went To Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill
A voter remarked how Hill is one of the best athletes in England and she now can add this award to her titles. By the way, her list of titles is long. Not only that, but she is a great person who inspires people.

Gordon Ramsay Wins Tastiest Male TV Chef
He won the award and beat out Jamie Oliver. He also beat out James Martin. Many reasons played a role in why he won, such as his skills, professionalism and his charisma. It’s no wonder why he has always been a huge hit among people.

Tastiest Female TV Chef Went To Nigella Lawson
Lawson might have had a few disagreements with Dawn French, but she was still voted the best female TV chef. She has it all, such as a great attitude, sex appeal and she is considered a domestic goddess. This is why she took home the award.

Tasteless Politician Went To Theresa May
The leader of England took home this award and one voter said anyone would be put off of the PM’s dance moves. She was also followed by Mr. Johnson, or Boris as he is known, as people thought he made some of the most awful remarks this year. The third politician was Jeremy Corbyn.

Tasteless celebrity Went To Katie Hopkins
Hopkins took home this award and it’s not surprising. Many believe she is horrible, rude, vile and she is just a disgusting person. She beat out fellow celebs like Katie Price. Piers Morgan came in third place.

Congrats to those who have been awarded the above awards. As for those who received the tasteless awards, there’s next year to look forward to. The good news is they have a full year to get things done right. As for whether or not they’ll be able to, only time will tell.

The Tastiest Celebrities Based on Britain’s Sausies Awards

The citizens of Great Britain have voted on the tastiest as well as the least tasty celebrities. The Sausies awards are sponsored by Porky Whites, which is a brand of British sausage that was invented in 1935. The results of the contest were published on Thursday, October 25, 2018. The Sausies determine which celebrities Britains think epitomize great taste as well as which celebrities leave a bad taste in the Britains’ mouths.

Online votes were used to determine the winners of thirteen categories, including Radio, Politics, Sports and Tv. The voters were asked to vote based on the celebrities’ personality, behaviour, looks and style. Here is the list of the winners of the Sausies Awards:

* The Tastiest TV Duo – The winners are ITV’s Phillip and Holly Willoughby from This Morning

Almost half of the votes cast for the tastiest TV duo was fro Phil and Holly. The beat out Sandi and Noel from Bake Off and Tess and Claudia from Strictly. One voter stated what many others thought – The chemistry between Phil and Holly are like mash and sausage, a perfect pairing.

* The Tastiest Male Celebrity – The winner is actor and producer, Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy, a former model now turned actor and film producer, was awarded the tastiest male. One voter stated that Tom Hardy is an animal lover, great actor and extremely good looking, making him the only choice for the Tastiest Male Celebrity.

* The Tastiest Female Celebrity – The winner is ITV’s Holly Willoughby

Holly from This Morning won a second award for the tastiest female celebrity. Other contenders in the category of tastiest female included Stacey Solomon and Emma Willis. One male voter stated that he would love to share a sausage with winner Holly Willoughby. Another voter stated that Holly was funny, genuine and gorgeous.

* The Tastiest Male Breakfast Television Presenter – The winner is Ben Shephard from Good Morning Britain

Ben Shepard beat out Piers Morgan, another Good Morning Britain television presenter, as the Tastiest Male Breakfast Presenter. Shepard received approximately one-third of the total votes cast. The voters remarked that they loved his good looks and cheeky personality. The arch-rival of Piers Morgan came in third with the votes.

* The Tastiest Female Television Presenter – The winner is Susanna Reid from Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid from Good Morning Britain received the Tastiest Female television presenter. One voter stated that Susanna is attractive, funny and a brilliant interviewer. Another voter stated that she is very patient dealing with Pier Morgan. Susanna received more votes than Kate Garraway from Good Morning Britain and Louise Minchin from BBC Breakfast.

* The Tastiest Sportsman – The winner is David Beckham

According to voters, David Beckham is the winner. He beat out both Max Whitlock and Antony Joshua. One voter stated that David is ageing well and still is a very handsome man.

* The Tastiest Sportswoman – The winner is Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

Jessica Ennis-Hill, one of GB’s top athletes, can now include Britain’s tastiest sportswoman to her list of titles. One voter stated that Jessica is beautiful inside as well as outside and is an inspiring role model.

* The Tastiest Male Television Chef – The winner of this category is Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay won the Tastiest Male television chef award. Ramsey beat out rivals James Martin and Jamie Oliver. Voters said that his outspoken nature, his professionalism and his mad culinary skills won them over. Voters say they would love Ramsay to cook them a meal.

* The Tastiest Female Television Chef – The winner is Nigella Lawson

Although Nigella had a disagreement with Dawn French on the way to serve scone, Nigella won the tastiest female television chef. Voters stated her personality, her sophistication and her sex appeal helped her win out against her competitors, Lorraine Pascale and Nadiya Hussain.

In addition to awarding the tastiest celebrities, voters voted on the two most tasteless celebrities.

* The Tasteless Politician – The winner (loser) of this award goes to Theresa May

Theresa May was voted as the tasteless celebrity. One voter jokingly said her dance moves swayed their vote. Other tasteless politician votes included Boris Johnson due to the distasteful remarks that were made throughout the year. Thir place was Jeremy Corbyn.

* The Tasteless Celebrity – The winner (loser) of this award was Katie Hopkins

Katie is considered the most distasteful celebrity. Voters say that she is vile and rude. Second place went to Katie Price and third place went to Piers Morgan.

Congratulations to the winners and the runners-up. These celebrities have good taste. For the tasteless losers, spend this next year trying to do what is right.

Tastiest British Celebs From The Sausies Awards

The general public of Great Britain has voted to crown the least tasty and tastiest celebs in Britain. The SAUSIES awards, whose sponsor is Porky Whites – Britain’s great tasting sausage brand that dates back to 1935 – announced its winners on Thursday 25 October 2918, to reveal which celebrities the country thinks are the ultimate in great taste along with those who leave them with a really bad taste.

In order to determine winners in the fiercely contested categories from Politics and Radio to Sport and TV, hundreds of votes were cast online. Voters were asked to take the celebrities’ behaviour, personality, style, and looks into consideration.

The winners are the following:

Tastiest TV duo award: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield from ITV’s This Morning

Holly and Phil were voted as the Tastiest TV duo and received almost half of all of the votes that were cast. They bat out Bake Off’s Noel and Sandi as well as Strictly’s Claudia and Tess. One voter said that Holly and Phil have such excellent chemistry and they go together like mash and sausages.

Tastiest male celebrity award – Tom Hardy

Former model and current film producer and actor Tom Hardy won the tastiest male award. A voter commented that is is not only very good looking also an animal lover and amazing actor.

Tastiest female celebrity award – Holly Willoughby of ITV

Holly picked up a second award, as tastiest female celebrity this time. For first place, she beat out Stacey Solomon and Emma Willis. One male vote said, I would definitely love sharing a sausage with Holly (no pun intended). Another said, she is a genuine person, funny and gorgeous.

Tastiest breakfast male TV presenter – Ben Shephard from Good Morning Britain

In battle for claiming tastiest male breakfast TV presenter, Ben Shepard came out on top, beating out Piers Morgan, a fellow presenter on Good Morning Britain. Shephard received nearly a third of all of the votes, with votes remarking on his good looks and cheeky personality. Dan Walker from the BBC and Morgan’s arch-rival came in third place.

Tastiest breakfast female TV presenter – Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid was the winner of the female breakfast TV presenter award. One vote said she is funny, attractive, and a brilliant interviewer. Another voter noted that the fact she deals with Piers Morgan proves just how patient she is. Susanna beat out Kate Garraway, her co-presenter, and Louis Michin from BBC Breakfast to win the award.

Tastiest sportsman award – David Beckham

According to voters, Golden Balls still has it. He won the tastiest sportsman award beating out Max Whitlock and Antony Joshua. One voter remarked that he is a very handsome man and aging very well.

Tastiest sportswoman award – Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

One of the most decorated athletes in Great Britain, now the tastiest sportswoman can be added to her very long list of various titles. One voter said she is a fantastic role model, beautiful and truly inspiring.

Tastiest male TV chef award –Gordon Ramsay

Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay claimed the title of tastiest male TV chef award ahead of James Martin and Jamie Oliver. His culinary skills, outspoken nature, and professionalism made him a huge hit with the votes and somebody they would love to taste his cooking.

Tastiest female TV chef award – Nigella Lawson

Nigella was voted as the tastiest female TV chef despite the recent disagreement she had with Dawn French regarding the best way that scones should be served (cream or jam first?). Her domestic goddess persona, sophistication, and sex appeal helped her win the title over Lorraine Pascale and Nadiya Nussain.

There were two awards for tasteless/least tasty celebrities along with the tastiest celebrities awards.

Tasteless politician award – Theresa May

The politician voted least tasty by the voters was Theresa May. One voter said her dance moves can put anybody off. Boris Johnson closely followed her, who votes thought made some of the year’s most distasteful gaffs and remarks. Jeremy Corbyn came in third place.

Tasteless celebrity award – Katie Hopkins

The most distasteful celebrity according to voters was Katie Hopkins. One voter said she is rude, vile and a real toad. She beat out Kate Price who came in second place, with “love him or hate him” Piers Morgan came in third place.

Congratulations to all of the runners-up and winners who have displayed incredibly good taste. And for those tasteless losers, there are 12 months to get things right for next year.

Results Of Britain’s Tastiest Celebs In The Sausies Awards

The public of Great British has voted to crown both the tastiest and least tasty celebrities in Britain!

The SAUSIES Awards are sponsored by Porky Whites, the best tasting British brand of sausage since 1935 and reveal the celebrities the nation consider as the epitome of great taste as well as those who leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Hundreds of online voters participated to determine which celebrities came out on top in 13 hotly contested categories from politics and radio personalities to TV and sports stars. Voters were asked to select their choices by considering four classifications :

  • Looks
  • Style
  • Personality
  • Behaviour

The winners for this year’s Tastiest Celebrities announced on October 25, 2018, were…

Tastiest TV Duo

Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby of ITV’s “This Morning” show were the outright winners in this category. With almost half of the votes cast going to Phil and Holly, they came out well ahead of Sandi and Noel of Bake Off and Tess and Claudia of Strictly. One voter commented that Phil and Holly have such great chemistry that they ‘go together like sausage and mash’.

Tastiest Male Celebrity

Tom Hardy scooped the Tastiest Male Celebrity award. Not only do the British public think that this former model, now turned actor and film producer, is extremely good looking, but is also an amazing actor and animal lover to boot, which appealed to voters.

Tastiest Female Celebrity

Holly Willoughby of ITV fame picked up her second award when she beat Stacey Solomon and Emma Willis to take first place as the Tastiest Female Celebrity. Voters described her as a funny, gorgeous, and a genuine person. One male voter was quite risqué by saying that he would love to share a sausage with her (no pun intended he says).

Tastiest Male Breakfast TV Presenter

Ben Shephard of Good Morning Britain won the battle against Piers Morgan, his co-presenter on Good Morning Britain, receiving almost a third of the votes to take this coveted crown. An arch-rival of Morgan’s, Dan Walker of BBC, came in third. Voters were apparently won over by Shephard’s good looks and personality.

Tastiest Female Breakfast Presenter

Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain received the top award in this category by beating her co-presenter Kate Garraway and Louise Minchin of BBC Breakfast fame. Voters said they found her attractive, funny, and a brilliant interviewer. One voter remarked that the fact that she has Piers Morgan to deal with shows that she must have the patience of a saint.

Tastiest Sportsman

David Beckham won the Tastiest Sportsman award by beating Max Whitlock and Antony Joshua. According to voters, it shows that ‘Golden Balls’ still has what it takes. They also remarked that he is ageing well and is still ‘a really handsome guy’.

Tastiest Sportswoman

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, one of Great Britain’s most decorated athletes, was crowned the Tastiest Sportswoman, adding another accolade to her long list of titles. According to voters, she is truly inspiring, a great role model, and just a beautiful person inside and out.

Tastiest Male TV Chef

Gordon Ramsay clinched the coveted award in this category ahead of rivals James Martin and Jamie Oliver. According to those who voted for him it was his outspoken nature, professionalism, and culinary skills that made him a big hit in this category and some said they would love him to cook a meal for them.

Tastiest Female TV Chef

Nigella Lawson was crowned Tastiest Female TV Chef despite her disagreement with Dawn French over the best way to serve scones – cream or jam first?. According to voters, it was her sophistication, domestic goddess persona, and sex appeal that helped her clinch the award ahead of Lorraine Pascale and Nadiya Hussain.

There were two awards for Least Tasty/Tasteless Celebrities

Tasteless Politician

Theresa May won the unenviable title of Least Tasty Celebrity, closely followed by Boris Johnson for his most distasteful gaffs and remarks during the past year. Voters remarked that they found May’s dance moves to be most off-putting. Jeremy Corby came in third as most Tasteless Politician.

Tasteless Celebrity

Katie Hopkins was voted the most distasteful celebrity, edging ahead of Katie Price in second place and Piers Morgan “love him or loathe him” in third place. Voters remarked that they found Katie to be vile and rude and thought she was a real toad.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up of the Tastiest Celebrity categories who have shown that they have impeccably good taste according to their voters.

As for the tasteless losers, they have 12 months until next year’s SAUSIES Awards to try and put things right.

Britain’s Tastiest Celebs in Sausies Awards 2018

Each year Great Britain votes to award the Tastiest Celebrities in the nation as well as the Least Tasty ones. The winners of this year’s SAUSIES Awards, sponsored by Britain’s great tasting sausage brand since 1935, Porky Whites, were announced on the 25th of October, 2018. Voters were asked to reveal which celebrities they considered to be the personification of good taste and which ones had the worst taste. Voters were required to consider the following four areas when voting: Looks, Style, Behaviour, and Personality.

After hundreds of online votes were counted to determine the winners in 13 hotly contested categories from sports to politics and radio to TV, the winners are :

Tastiest TV Duo Award

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield of ITV’s ‘This Morning’ were crowned the tastiest TV duo, bagging almost half of the votes and beating Bake Off’s Sandi and Noel as well as Strictly Dancing’s Tess and Claudia by far. Voters commented on the great chemistry between Holly and Phil with one voter saying that Phil and Holly go together as well as sausage with mashed potatoes.

Tastiest Male Celebrity Award

The former model Tom Hardy, who is now an actor and film producer, walked away with the top award in this category. Voters found him to be an amazing actor, extremely good-looking, as well as an animal lover which probably appealed to the good British sense of voters and the staff at Porky Whites couldn’t agree more with the voters.

Tastiest Female Celebrity Award

ITV’s Holly Willoughby bagged her second award, this time in the category of Tastiest Female Celebrity by beating Emma Willis as well as Stacey Solomon to the finish line. Voters found her to be funny and gorgeous with a very genuine personality. One voter said he would love to share a sausage with her.

Tastiest Male TV Breakfast Presenter Award

Ben Shephard of GMB fame was voted the best in this category. In the battle for this award he had competition from his co-presenter, Piers Morgan, however, Shephard managed to rake in nearly one-third of all the votes. Piers Morgan’s arch-rival, Dan Walker from BBC came third. Voters commented on Ben’s personality and good looks that stood him in good stead as TV presenter.

Tastiest Female Breakfast Presenter Award

Susanna Reid of the Good Morning Britain show won the crown in this category. She beat both her co-presenter Kate Garraway and Louse Minchin of the BBC Breakfast show to claim the title of Tastiest Female Breakfast TV Presenter.

Tastiest Sportsman

‘Golden Balls’ David Beckham proved that he still has what it takes when he won the coveted Tastiest Sportsman award ahead of Antony Joshua with Max Whitlock close behind. Voters said that he was not only ageing well but was still a really handsome guy.

Tastiest Sportswoman Award

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, one of the best athletes in Britain, was crowned Tastiest Sportswoman receiving another title to add to her achievements. Voters found her to be a truly beautiful person, very inspiring, and a great role model.

Tastiest Male TV Chef

The highly contested Tastiest Male TV Chef award went to Gordon Ramsay. He managed to snatch the title from other famous chefs like Jamie Oliver and chef James Martin. Voters said it was his outspoken character, exceptional culinary skills, and professionalism that inspired them to vote for him. Many said they wished he could cook for them.

Tastiest Female TV Chef Award

Nigella Lawson clinched the title of Tastiest Female TV Chef by defeating her rivals, Lorraine Pascale and Nadiya Hussain. Voters remarked on her sophistication, sex appeal and said she had and a “domestic goddess persona” that made them vote for her.

This year two celebrities were unfortunate to be awarded Least Tasty Awards :

Tasteless Politician Award

Theresa May was found to be the least tasty politician by voters who said her dance moves put them off big time. Boris Johnson came a close second as consumers found his gaffs and extremely distasteful remarks off-putting. Jeremy Corby came in third.

Tasteless Celebrity Award

Katie Hopkins was given the Tasteless Celebrity award as voters found her the most distasteful celebrity, some saying she was vile, rude and a real “toad”. Katie Price came a close second with Piers Morgan with his controversial personality close behind in third.

We congratulate the winners of this year’s SAUSIES Awards as well as the runner-ups as they have clearly demonstrated their impeccable taste to the voters. To the most tasteless celebrities, you have 12 months ahead to work on yourselves and try to put things right.

A Guide To Britain’s Tastiest Celebrities In The Sausies Awards

The Great British public have voted for Britain’s tastiest and not-so-tasty celebrities. Hundreds of votes were cast online to choose the celebrity winners in thirteen categories ranging from sport and radio to television and politics. The voters needed to consider the celebrities’ looks, personality, behaviour and style when casting their vote.

Now, we aren’t talking about those that cook you a sausage for breakfast, although the SAUSIE awards are sponsored by one of the British sausage brands, Porky Whites. On Thursday, October 25th, the results were revealed telling us who you chose as the nation’s epitome of taste and the ones who aren’t the best on the buffet cart. The winners of the SAUSIES are:

The Tastiest TV Duo: This Morning’s Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby

Holly and Phil were chosen as the tastiest TV duo with almost fifty percent of all votes in their favour. They came out ahead of contender’s Tess and Claudia from Strictly Come Dancing, and Sandi and Noel from The Great British Bake Off. One voter stated that Phil and Holly have good chemistry and go together like mash and sausages.

Tastiest Male Celebrity: Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy, a former model now turned actor and film producer won the award for the tastiest male. Another voter said that Tom’s not only an extremely good-looking man, but he’s an amazing actor and an animal lover.

Tastiest Female Celebrity: ITV’s Holly Willoughby

Holly won her second SAUSIE as 2018’s tastiest female celebrity. She came ahead of Stacey Solomon and Emma Willis to claim first place. A male voter stated that he would love to share a sausage with Holly (no pun intended); and another voter said that Holly is funny, gorgeous and a genuine person.

Tastiest Male Breakfast TV Presenter: GMB’s Ben Shephard

The 2018 SAUSIE for tastiest male breakfast presenter was snagged by Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard, who claimed it over his fellow presenter Piers Morgan. Votes show that Shephard received almost one-third of all votes with regular comments on his good looks and cheeky personality. BBC’s Dan Walker, a rival of Morgan’s, came third.

Tastiest Female Breakfast TV Presenter: Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid

The 2018 SAUSIE for tastiest female breakfast presenter was awarded to Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid. According to one voter, Susanna is an outstanding interview who is also funny and attractive. Another voter said that she should win the award because she has to deal with Piers Morgan, showing she has the patience of a saint. Susanna claims the title over her GMB’s Kate Garraway and BBC’s Louise Minchin.

Tastiest Sportsman: David Beckham

Even after all these years, Beckham still has it! Winning the tastiest sportsman award ahead of Max Whitlock and Antony Joshua, Beckham shows he is still a formidable character. One voter remarked that he’s a handsome guy and is ageing well.

Tastiest Sportswoman: Jessica Ennis-Hill

Dame Jessica is one of the most acclaimed athletes in British history, and now she can add the SAUSIE award for tastiest sportswoman to her awards list. A voter stated that she is a great role model for the youth, inspiring and beautiful from the inside out.

Tastiest Male TV Chef: Gordon Ramsey

Winning the award for the tastiest male TV chef award, Gordon Ramsey has grabbed the title ahead of James Martin and Jamie Oliver. Ramsey’s outspoken nature, culinary skills and professionalism make him a hit with voters and someone they would love to cook for them.

Tastiest Female TV Chef: Nigella Lawson

Despite the recent disagreement with Dawn French regarding the most appropriate way to serve a scone – the jam or cream first? Nigella Lawson was voted the tastiest female TV chef in this year’s SAUSIE awards. Her sophistication, sex appeal and domestic goddess personality helped her clinch the award ahead of Lorraine Pascale and Nadiya Hussain.

In addition to the tastiest celebrities, there are also two SAUSIE awards for the least tasty or tasteless celebrities.

Tasteless Celebrity: Katie Hopkins

Of all nominations, Katie Hopkins was considered the most distasteful celebrity in the category. She edged ahead of Katie Price who won second place, and the ‘loathe him or love him’ Piers Morgan in the third position. One voter stated that Katie is a real toad – vile and rude.

Tasteless Politician: Theresa May

Of all the politicians listed, Theresa May was considered the most distasteful. She was followed closely by Boris Johnson, who voters thought made some of the most tasteless remarks and comments throughout the year. Jeremy Corbyn came in third. A voter stated that Theresa May’s dance moves are enough to put anyone off her.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up who have shown they have an impeccably good taste. As for the tasteless losers, well there is next year to put things right.

Top 8 Get Well Gifts – Guide To Get Well Gifts


Are you searching for a gift for a loved one who needs some TLC for all different types of reasons – a difficult pregnancy, a broken leg, the flu, having a difficult time at the moment – along with those who are undergoing cancer treatment currently?

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Some nice Mindfulness Gifts include journals for noting thoughts and worries, relaxing and calming candles, and useful books.

7. Personalised Mug Gift Sets

Believing that everything can be made better by a cup of tea is the British way. And although it might not cure every ailment, we definitely are fond of our tea!

When you order Personalised Mugs the recipients name can be included along with a funny, meaningful or heartfelt message to create a thoughtful and unique gift that they will be able to treasure forever.

8. Unique Get Well Cards

Although there are lots of generic Get Well cards that are available in stores, not all situations will suit them and it may be hard to find an appropriate one. If you search online you will find a much better selection of cards to be honest or find the right words.

Four Benefits to Having a Good Digital Marketing Career


The hype surrounding digital marketing skills is strong. The skills are in huge demand, and the skill gap in that industry is growing massively. The market for jobs is booming, and brands care a lot about having a strong online presence. They’re willing to pay more to reach the right people, and professionals who are good at their jobs will make good money. If you’re considering a career change, then digital marketing could be a good option for you. There are a lot of benefits to having a career in digital marketing – let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to make it your next career switch.

1. Your Skills Will Be In Demand

Experts predict that there will be 150,000 digital jobs by 2020, and there just are not enough people to fill those jobs. If you start studying digital marketing skills today you will be in a position to make it your next career. You’ll have a huge competitive advantage at a time when demand is exceeding supply. Mondo says that demand for digital marketing professionals will increase by 38 percent in the next year alone. Now is a very good time to start training to take advantage of those opportunities.

2. A Huge Range of Career Options

If you live in a major city such as Dublin you’ll have the opportunity to work for some big brands such as LinkedIn, Google or even Twitter. There is a wealth of job opportunitis out there for you, and it’s rare that a week goes by without you having the chance to seek employment with an exciting new organisation. There are plenty of SMEs for you to choose from as well. Ryanair recently created 200 new digital job, with a number of them being in marketing Taoiseach Enda Kenny also announced that there would be 400 new digital jobs, including marketing roles. LinkedIn is planning to double its workforce, and Microsoft is hoping to hire 100 more digital graduates in the near future. With so many opportunities coming up, you can pick and choose the type of company that you want to work for.

3. Command Better Salaries

Digital marketing professionals are clearly in demand, and when demand exceeds supply prices rise. If you can prove that you have the know-how you can negotiate an impressive salary. One survey conducted by Prosperity found that salaries in digital marketing are rising faster now than they had over the last five years. The pace of growth is set to increase as well. The average salary of digital marketing professionals has increased significantly, with digital marketing managers in Dublin earning EUR68,000. Entry-level PPC managers have seen their salaries increase from EUR25,000 to EUR28,000 in the last year.

4. Start Your Own Career

Traditionally if you wanted to earn good money you would need to do an internship and claw your way up the in-house ladder. That is no longer the case. You can now enjoy a host of opportunities to kickstart your digital marketing career before you start work. you can do online exams to boost your CV, and you can build up a social media presence too. The opportunities for someone who is enthusiastic and self-motivated are endless, and you could earn some money from experimenting with digital marketing by yourself, before you even set up your in the office of one of the bigger brands. Who knows, you might even end up just growing your own digital marketing business without needing to go get a traditional job. Investing in a qualification such as Digital Careers – Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a good option if you want some guidance about how to build up your own career along the way.

Digital marketing is a field with a lot of potential, so why not give it a try?

Four Autumn Fashion Trends You Should Know About In 2019


The wind has gotten a bit chilly, the leaves have started to turn a stunning burnt orange, and Starbucks has now begun selling everything with pumpkin spice. So, it is safe to say that autumn is now official here! For most people, autumn is the best time of the year – a time for hot chocolates, a time they can wear comfy wool cardigans, a time for crackling fires and Halloween. But is also a time that signals a significant shift within the fashion industry as summer clothing lines start to disappear and warmer styles take over. You might be wondering what we should expect to see on rails and runways this autumn and what you should start ditching from last year’s autumn collections. Here is a look at four fashion trends that are set to rock the 2018 autumn fashion world.

Animal Print

Forget all preconception you’ve had about animal print and it being trashy because the trend is coming back again in 2019, and in a big way! Leopard and zebra seem to be the favourites this year considering that designers like Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Tom Ford, and Victoria Beckham have all included them in their lines. It looks like most designers are currently pairing these prints with simple back accents that make the prints pop. This seems like a popular option for those trying to rock animal print this year. Leopard shoes and coats are likely going to be the way the trend represents itself. However, you probably see some crocodile, cheetah, zebra and snake patterns on the high streets too. While neutral, more natural tones are usually more prominent, don’t be surprised to see some wackier wild colours this year. If you are worried about the impact too much fur print will have, do not. Even major luxury houses and the even more prominent names of the fashion industry are avoiding real fur looks and are going for faux furs to achieve that chic safari look.


2018’s biggest autumn trend, it seems, is all about embracing that inner Shrek. There is no need to worry; it is not all ogre-ish and green! Extreme layering is back and in a big way. Look at it this way, why go with one favourite coat when you could wear three, or four, or even six. While this may seem like it is gone a bit too far, remember there were a couple of adventurous combinations of puffa jackets, waterproofs, capes, and blanket throws gracing the runways last month. So, rather than just snuggling up in a single jumper this autumn, fashion trendsetters are confident that you will still achieve the same warm and comfy look with several layers. You can achieve this look by fastening your trench coat and scarf together, or you could match that shirtdress with a pair of jeans, a snug blazer, and a warm overcoat for that insanely elegant yet smart look. Well, the more layers you can get, the better!

The 1970’s Biscuit

70’s fashion never seems to quit, with trends from the decade reappearing ever so often throughout the years. This autumn, it is all about the sepia-toned retro feel of the 70’s. Like a biscuit dunked in a cup of steaming hot tea. From chocolate monogrammed accessories and clothes and Chloe’s ‘ode to Fendi’s beige to everything brown’, which incorporates as many shades of brown as possible in a single outfit, brown is most certainly now the number one contender for the ‘new black’ title. So, be it you are going slouchy Sunday, uptown girl, casual, or smart, make sure your outfit is tan, tobacco, toffee, caramel, or any variation of the colour brown/caramel.

Shiny Crystals’ Revenge

One of this year’s most prominent summer trends was, without a doubt, glitz and glam – from crystals to glitter and anything that gave off a nice shimmer. Interestingly, it looks like autumn isn’t going to be any different. Helping channel our innermost magpie, the coolest brands and designers are incorporating fake diamonds and crystals into everything from earrings and sunglasses to boots and even hair clips. From gleaming barrettes to trainers with giant jewels, there is a crystal or shiny item to suit your taste. This autumn, expect jewellery departments and shops around the globe to be oozing in faux diamonds.